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This News is about 4 Subjects: -Rube Goldberg Device Challenge -Assassin -Player Weld STOOL -Most 'Awesome Thing' Contest!

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Rube Goldberg Device Challenge

It's time for another challenge, folks! This time your goal is to create a Rube Goldberg Device, which is, in a nutshell, a device designed to be as complex as possible that does, in many cases, only does one simple task.

If you need any inspiration, just watch this video to get an idea what you can do:

Well, what are you waiting for? Get going now!

AssassinYet another gamemode made using The Simple Game Base (which, by the way, has been recently updated with admin menus and some handy new console commands).

Assassin is proof of concept that you can make a gamemode that uses roleplay aspects yet has common goals that make it an actual game. In roleplay there are no rules governing the gameplay, so as a result you have players running around killing eachother and being faggots in general. In many roleplay servers, you will find people pretending to be hitmen and police men.

So i decided i'd replicate the 'hitman' theme, but i added some realistic constraints and goals. Since nobody likes walls of text, here's the ingame help menu, which is pretty much explains the gameplay in the shortest amount of words.

A lot of gameplay is based on stealth. If you draw a weapon in public then players will panic and will be able to call the police, and you will probably end up getting chased down by the cops. If you assassinate someone discreetly, then you will have an easier time escaping. The assassin has tools at his disposal to remain stealthy, including a silenced pistol, a sniper rifle, and flashbangs. Each weapon has its own advantages and uses.

Here are a few more screenshots of the gameplay.

Read more about this gamemode (and download it) here!

Player Weld STOOLA while ago I released my STOOL Player Weld, however it severely lacked features, was buggy as hell and had some really embarrassing spelling/grammar mistakes in the messages! For the guys out there that haven't noticed this nifty little tool everyone should have before, don't worry, I will tell you everything ya need to know!


- Welding yourself to props
- Welding props to yourself
+ No spelling/grammar mistakes anymore
+ Notifications instead of chat messages now
+ Completely rewritten = Lots of bugs gone



Most 'Awesome Thing' Contest!

The folks over at GNation are currently holding a contest to create the "Most Awesome Thing" you can in Garry's Mod!

Create the most awesome thing you can (texture, model, prop, photoshop work, slogan for the GNation, screenshot, or a video!) Remember, the awesome thing that your submitting MUST be related to Garry's Mod in some way.

Prizes are as follows:

  • 1st Place: $20 Dollars (via Paypal)
  • 2st Place: $10 Dollars (via Paypal)
  • 3rd Place: A email address.

GNation homepage:
GNation Steam Community group:
GNation contest forum thread:

E-Mail your entries to (You also need to tell them your GNation username in the email you send your entry to them with.)

If you cannot attach your work/model/texture/video/etc. to the email, send a link with your e-mail telling them where they can view/download your work.

Anyone stealing other users/peoples work will be automatically disqualified, and their GNation account suspended.


I loved gmod but then got full of kids playing it and over running with crap so stopped playing may need to check it out again later.

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Lucífer Author

If you become part of a community for X type server its really not that bad.
I tend to hang around with a role-play community so, just from the fact that its role-play, means we don't get whiny little kids mic'ing all the time.

But overall, if theres more than two whiny brats on a server and they have mics, it is so much fun to intimidate them for not shutting the f*ck up :D

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