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General news updates for TK, whats been done, whats not going so well, a fresh page so to speak to go with the new year.

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Back to TK now gents (are there any girls that play stalker? I've never met any :p ) First and foremost, lets cover the name adjustment for TK, for a long time I've called the mod either TK or TK - Singularity, so now the name is adjusted as such on the main page. K.E.T used to simply just stand for kill 'em twice, happy coincidence that with my alias but I've never had any particular affinity to it.

As for the build I was working on just before christmas its largely been fine tuning, crossing the Ts and dotting the Is but it goes beyond just presentation purposes atmospheric changes have also been made and hopefully all CTDs have now been squished. Below is a list of changes made simply from what I can recall from memory;

1. Enhanced some explosions and fires, as well as making fire distortion (heat haze) more prominent
2. Enhanced bullets and explosion particles to help things feel more dynamic
3. Gentle, subtle ambient audio changes between day, afternoon, night, and bad weather. The sounds you will hear are the kinds of sounds you would expect to hear, they aren't generic any more.
4. Fully implemented rats to underground levels, they will run around and act as you would expect rats to act. None of this sillyness where they attack you, rats don't roll that way in real life so its not how they are going to act in TK.
5. Barkeep and Controller animation CTDs should now be fixed
6. All new and improved night vision effects, as well as a all new infrared effect
7. Some minor tweaks to some .xr files
8. Fine tuned lighting parameters for light sources in all.spawn, should lead to a FPS boost on weaker systems.
9. Some script fixes for CTDs caused by the devs being dumb.
10. P90 and FN Five-seveN now use the correct ammo type, I know I was lazy about adding in the right ammo type.
11. Edited a fair few rookie stalker and bandit meshes to add more clothing variation
12. Edited XML files for numerous reasons leading to more varied and dynamic gameplay
13. Considerable game_relations changes, even I don't know exactly what the game may cook up with these changes but it should be some cool bug-free stuff.
14. General all.spawn changes (not finished them all yet)
15. Removed "glow" from fires as it ruined the dynamic lighting look (by this I mean the kind of glowing bubble that surrounds fires, not the ambient light!)
16. General particle optimisations and improvements
17. Yet another stab at creating a rain texture, finally got one that I'm satisfied with and it looks way better than the vanilla rubbish.
18. New PP effects for anomalies, also increased and fine tuned ranges
19. Fiddled with shadows in a attempt to make X-Ray draw them further without messing them up
20. Other stuff

Left to do:

1. Finish the all.spawn additions..... >:D
2. Remaining tweaks and balancing
3. Add blowouts
4. Still need a nice new main menu (volunteers anyone?)
5. Figure out why the game doesn't use my cool death cam effect :\

Thats it.... 5 more things and the initial release final build will be ready.


Im guessing the blowouts still give you troubles?

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ketxxx Author

I'm anticipating they will, getting them to work alongside sleeping seems to be the main issue, if a blowout occurs naturally all is well but its when sleeping triggers a blowout all hell breaks loose. I think I might finally have a solution though but blowouts I'm only going to implement once I have finished off the other stuff it'll be much easier isolating any problems caused by the blowouts knowing the rest is solid as a rock.

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What a blowout!

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