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A new X's Corner coming soon. read the news to learn more.

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Sup guys, x here. I have got some good news that i want all of you guys to hear. X's Corner is getting hosted by G.R.A.N.S productions. What that means is we get free fourms with all the big name mods in C&C. That also means we will be hosting alot of different projects hosted by people in the group. Only thing that is required is for you guys to sign up at the G.R.A.N.S productions fourms website to be able to view the new fourms that are coming soon. If you do have a account on the website, PM me with the user name.

To sign up go to the link and sign up!

-Is require if you want to join X's Corner on G.R.A.N.S productions.

That is all.


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