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Ricochet: Source is off the a nice new start. A decent team has been assembled, and content creation in under way for the next alpha build.

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A New Beginning

Ricochet: Source has resumed its progress. A team has been assembled which consists of modelers, skinners, mappers, and testers. Obviously, we are still missing coders, so feel free to hop in if you can, it won't be too much work.

  1. Young
  2. Miniati


  1. Young


  1. Miniati
  2. Klein
  3. Young


  1. Crisp
  2. Lander
  3. Klein
  4. Miniati
  5. Young
  6. Durr

There is still plenty of room for anyone who wants to join in. Can always use more testers, and everything else.

Our current goal is to release a new alpha build to the public as soon as possible. There will not be an official server until the next alpha build is released. Feel free to play the current build, but most of the errors have been fixed, and most of the models have been skinned. In addition to new models and skins, there are also several new maps being developed. One that is completed is rc_deathmatch3, created by Miniati. The map is great, a lot of fun to test. We plan to include this, along with 2 additional new maps to the next build.

As of now, we are using SVN for our build, and it's a great way to report our bugs and keep the files up to date for testers and devs a like. If anyone wants to become a tester, please have knowledge of a SVN program.

We hope to have our next alpha build released within the next 2 weeks. Please continue to support this mod!


Best of luck, I can't wait to see what you have in store as a training level.

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Hello, it's me, Technorix. I am one of the very few who play this and I would like to join your team of testers, I have been keeping a bug log on my desktop showing all the errors I am getting. Please email me at if you would like to see it.

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