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I am going down a different path that will make more sense. These old WW2 German tanks cannot stand up to modern MBT's but what about Allied vehicles?

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We have decided that we are just going to do a WW2 mod because there is no way that these old German tanks can stand up to these modern Main Battle Tanks. In this new path, The Allies will be added including Russians, Americans and British. The Axis will get Germans and Japanese. The Americans will have mostly light, fast attack tactics, and few medium/heavy units while the Russians will have some light attack vehicles and infantry but they will mostly have medium and heavy units. The British will have some fast attack vehicles but will have mostly medium units and few heavy units. The Germans will have very few light attack vehicles but will have almost nothing but heavy and medium tanks/infantry. The Japanese will have mostly light attack units and some heavy and medium units. We still haven't 100% decided yet because we still have some people who think the older idea was better (me included) the reason being there have been WW2 mods already made but the one previously planned wasnt.

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