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People I will not work more on this mod, but!! As I will receive a new pc soon I might be thinking on making one with new ships and etc and will post a video of gameplay of this one... Oh and maybe an HW2 mod too but let's take one at a time...

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The next mod will probably have a mix of ships, but i think I will base one of the races on the one of the Nebula Levels... can't remember their name...
It will be a great modification compared to this mod...But, it will take some time as I have to study a lot. University is not hard for the ones who study and I want it to be easy and fast so I can become a licensed programmer.
With the next mod i want to create amazing space battle scenes because I see the lack of replay value on the modern space games. Why I won't mod a more recent game? Well HW1 is the only game I know how to mod properly and... HW1 is better than any other game, because it is simple tons of fun and there is no way a mass (one type of ship only) tactics can beat a well balanced one, which is quite lame and obviously easy in most recent games.

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