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Current update on the modifications and alterations I am making to The End Of All Things. Containing important platform change information.

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I know it's been a long while since I last posted any news on here, that was mainly due to tidying up small errors in the mod that I had been too sidetracked to deal with.

The first (and only) update is that the entire mod has been relocated. It's no longer taking place on Tiberium Wars as I find the engine to be a little too restricted for me. I am migrating the entire mod to Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath. This will take a little time but I'm getting the hang of using the amazing WrathEd program (located on Moddb) and have so far completely constructed the base structures for the Challenger-13 faction and added in their classic Mammoth Tank and the Mastadon (who has new weapons). It's very time consuming but I will have the factions set back up as soon as is possible. The 2 important base structures that I have added are the Space Command Uplink (Chronosphere model) and the Challenger-13 Proton Collider (just need to make the actual superweapon).

All in all the mod is staying the same, the storyline remains without change. The most important part of the platform change is the epic units will have full functionality with regards to garrisoning them with units for upgraded weapons.

The Classic Mammoth will be having the Railgun upgrade removed and a Sonic Cannon upgrade instead. The Sonic Cannon will apply to Classic Mammoth, C13 Titan and C13 Guardian Cannon.

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