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A news article featuring the plans I have for the future of this game.

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Hello all, I know I said I would release this, and if you must know, it is done. But after looking over it, I've decided it isn't good enough. I reflected on the content of this game and noticed how I had a couple models from a couple of years ago and the rest was made in the last month. Internally, it was very messy. I've had a new vision for the project. I'm an experienced game maker after all, I had might as well give its content a restart.

I hope to bring the best quality to this: visually and objectively. The previous story would have worked as a ten minute scene from a movie, but expanding it into a game would not have boded well.

I refuse to release this game with scraps of my artwork over the years. It must be fresh and up to date. The story will also become a much more epic experience. Therefore, I shan't be sharing any playable content until February 13.

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