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Guess it was time for Darlink to clean out the windows skin style and use a fairy more simple one.

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I guess it was the right time (actually a bit late) to give darlink that little sparkle it deserves. So I've started working on the new Window skin that will follow us (because it's still in testing) till version 3.0.0 (let's remember that's still :) ).

As you will see in the picture below this few rows of text, the new skin is fairly simple and clean. actually I started out with a much heavyer design and ended up not liking it because of many personal and design purpouse, so I had to trash all and reconsider.

In the end I think this is really what I wanted but in the first run I was too concerned with experimentations.

I also had to fix some bugs (also some severe ones that could break the game) in the process so if you have v2.8.0 and you want to test the game completely (cause maybe v2.8.0 had bugs that preclude some areas or even all game to the player), please checkout the actual version v2.8.15 from github.

Now I'll seriously get on mapping this week so 3.0.0 soon.

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