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Starting from Scratch and making the mod bigger than before!

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Hello all,

Firstly I want to apologise to everyone who was waiting for the mod I just got burned out from modding in general and only really done Halo 2 and Halo 3 for a while but I'm back and going to make it better than the previous build. My plan is to first release an alpha that only has gameplay changes then a beta that makes it more balanced, adds more units and Halo 3 models and finally the realease which will be polished and also have the Flood and Sentinels as playable factions. I'm taking a lot more time with each unit and takes about a day to complete each one now instead of like 2 hours. So far I've done John-177, marines, ODST, Arbiter, Chieftain and now currently doing spec ops elites though they are more complicated at the moment as they need a texture change. The alpha will probably release in a mouth or two if progress keeps going the way it is. Follow my Discord for my progress

Yours sincerely, TobyMac01

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