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Server code being changed to Smart Fox Server. Adding new adventure ideas for a more in-depth gaming experience!

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I've put a new idea into play, Now I am adding an adventure aspect to this game. My first instinct was to make a happy fun community game with no violence and none of the typical RPG elements you might see. This was aiming towards being an Animal Crossing style adventure. But... Who wants to play the same game over.. That's been done! :(. So we will still have the lovable friendly game-play but now players will be able to suit up and get pimped out with some stylish gold plated / diamond embedded armor (Example), Take a stroll into the local mine and beat up some creepy overgrown spiders, or if you wanna keep it more casual, you can simply head into the woods outside of town and hunt down some dinner / resources. Maybe if your lucky you can even bring home a new pet. (Assuming youre trying to capture a non-violent wild animal :). )

To maintain a friendly, casual game.. All violent NPC's will be constrained to areas outside of town.

Let me know what you think, Constructive criticism is always welcome :).

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