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After about a month's hiatus, Project Kursed now has several surprises to throw at you.

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Well, hello again ModDB-ers! I understand I sort of broke my promise about more frequent updates, but I think this wait is worth it. Anyway...

Remember last time I said that we took on several new members? Well, I must welcome one additional member who was inducted after that message was posted. Welcome cahemdue, one of our new weapons modellers. So that's the smallest bit of news I can give you right now. It just gets bigger and better from here.

One of our members, TheUndyingNephalim, the leader of Sigma [for all you Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations fans out there], has been toiling a little bit making several new weapons models for us, ranging from small little common weapons like a Cornerian Blaster to some really exotic stuff which I won't name here. Just look at the pictures and find out for yourself. I personally think you'll enjoy it.

Continuing on, I will announce now that instead of just blindly charging into the main game, we will first make a proof of concept to test the models and weapons and mapping in game, bringing back a few old ghosts from other SF games. That's as much as I'll reveal for the time being. I'll say a tad bit more about it once it comes nearer to the appropriate time for more info.

Finally, the work on the base model for Kursed is nearing completion. Shane Murphy has been hard at work modelling the body for us. With that nearly complete, the model is now in the hands of Shakeno, who is able to make hair, something which Shane is not the greatest at. Currently, since the hair is heavy WIP, I will not show images of it, yet if you notice the pictures section we have some shots of Kursed's modelled body. It is still WIP, because these are the first draft of it, but hey, it's something tangible to show.

I hope you enjoyed the news and continue your interest in Project Kursed. Good night, and good luck.

Ian "atis_star_tours"

P.S. You can see a bigger version of Neph's concept in the gallery.

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