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Hello dear readers. In this very very short (first too) article i want to tell you something about the mod.

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An idea for creating a mod for my favourite game came mostly from listenning to my friend. His wild fantasies (and even wildest creations in gem editor) are telling a story about a great land with several nations. The one to rule them all (cough..) is the grand Empire ruled by clever and manipulating Emperor, who lead his nation to greater prosperity and power. Emperor´s right hand was Lord Protector, who ruled with iron fist and was feared by civilian population ( soldiers loved him on the other hand.. you know... the benefits ... ). But there was an argue between Emperor and Lord Protector, so he packed his loyal armies and marched to his estate. Right now, The Empire and Lord Protector´s forces signed a pact of non agression, but there still rages a full scale cold war between them (without nukes sure :-) ). But the land have more inhabitants other than an Empire and Lord Protector. In the mountains there lies an nation of sturdy people, who call themselves simple: Unionists. They are led by an elected leader who can mannipulate with the state as he wishes. The Union is now locked in war with the Empire, whose forces are dug in near the river Holba, and are waiting for spring to begin new offensive. Menwhile, in the south of our continent lies a Grand Desert, mostly uninhabitated with a few minor cities. People of these lands are mostly anarchists without a true leader, and greatest authority there brings money. They live in caravans travelling from a place to place and making money by selling rare fruits and metals that can be found only in the hearth of Grand Desert. The only speakworthly person of that area is wealthy sultan Lad´a with his army of mercenaries. And the last region lies right in the middle of this continent. The Eran - One does not simply find more ideal place to live. That was before the rebellion broke up .. Now the beatifull land of Eran lies in ruins. All began a long ago when imperial forces occupied Eran for the first time. In silent, Groups of local resistance build their strenght hidden from imperial eyes and started an surprise attack. Imperials were quicky overwhelmed and they left Eran only to bring more troop on their way back. A war rages for nearly 2 years with both sides unable to achieve a full victory. Imperial Forces are weak and tired after campaign, and Eranians lack the power to defeat them. But words came that Lord Protector is on the move and his army head for the Eran. What will happen next is hidden in the mist....

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