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Angry!!!!! Unit One is very angry!!!!! Her friends are too!!!

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Hello on and all. If your wondering why Unit One is angry, it is because we don't have enough time to complete enough things to show you guys come June 1st. I know I promised you guys new media on the first of next month but we can't complete enough for anyone to really see what we're doing. We're working no doubt but 18 days is just not enough time. When we started Project Evangelion I specifically promised myself not to post false information. As we all know people make mistakes. I (the modeler) will be working as hard as I can to create new models for you all to see. But now we have a musical artist, fabledpilgrim, he's a great artist, but he is currently wrapped up in a few other endeavors. Please be patient and we'll keep our promise, you all might just get some music with your next update.
From the members of Project Evangelion, May 2011

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