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A Message To All Members And Visitors From The Group Founder... Because He's Getting Sick of all the Crap And Trolling Going On Around Here... PLEASE READ AS THIS MAY AFFECT THE FUTURE OF CHRISTIANS OF MODDB

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All right... I didn't want to do this. But alas, here we go.

So there's been a lot of complaining by various people in this group and the Atheist group about trolling.
On the atheist side, they are annoyed that certain members of this Christian group have been going over to theirs and posting stuff that doesn't really belong there. Sometimes arguments in favor or religion, sometimes attempting to debunk atheism, and one member "Deer_Hunter" has claimed that there was even straight up trolling. I won't get into the details.

Then on the other side, there have been people from the Atheist group coming over here. Some of them have made for intelligent conversation, some have come in retaliation for members' of this group's actions on their page, and some are straight up trolls.

It's been gnawing away at me, and irritating me for quite some time. I would imagine that ComradeWinston has similar feelings although I've yet to discuss it with him.


It's going to stop. The only way for it stop is for one side or the other to decide to let sleeping dogs lie. I would like it to be the people in Christians of Moddb.

I would ask all of our members to stop posting comments, media, and articles on the Atheist group, and if you can't do that then refrain from visiting the page. I know many of you have tried to argue that you're trying to help them, and that all you want to do is save their souls. Well let me ask you something... is there anything anyone could ever say to you or show you (over the internet) that would ever make you lose faith in God and the Bible's teachings? I know that the answer is "no" for me, and I'm guessing it's "no" for all of you as well. The same holds true for the Atheists. They're not going to throw away all that they believe in because some bloke on a website linked them some evidence supporting theism.

So again... I would ask you all to lay down your arms and stop this crusade. It's caused nothing but harm. No one has been saved or helped... it's only managed to tarnish this group's reputation. Something I am deeply disturbed by considering that this group should in no way be held accountable for its members actions. But unfortunately it still has been to an extent.


Now I know that I am in no way qualified to lecture you guys and I am not going to try to (though it's impossible to be completely impartial as I'm sure you can understand). But I am going to bring a couple things to your attention that may help to minimize backlash from Christians on this site.

It's a group for Atheists, yes? Well that doesn't mean that every single image and video and article uploaded has to be attacking theism. You guys could always talk about sciences, or whatever else it is you talk about in that context.

And also, I notice that you don't even really attack theism in the images/videos/articles... you mainly seem to single out Christianity. I don't think I've seen a single thing about any other religion except a few comments praising Buddhism for its peace-loving nature. You may consider trying to change that singling out.

Now again, this is only a suggestion and if you want to continue to post the same kind of content you've been posting. Be my guest. I personally don't have a "big" problem with it. I admit, that I find it a little disappointing that people feel the need to attack and/or belittle the beliefs of others. But hey... your lives... your group... your prerogative.


Sorry for making this so long but I had a lot to get off my chest. I think that some people both in this group and the Atheist one have behaved a bit childishly. I hope that this may be a first step to rectifying that.

If it isn't and the situation continues to deteriorate I may be forced to take some more extreme actions, such as making this group private/invite-only and other actions.

I really do not want to have to do that so again I urge the members of Christians of Moddb to avoid the Atheist group if they cannot remain impartial, and I ask none-Christian visitors of this group to please maintain a sense of civility and respect your fellow man.

That's all I got for you. Hope it helps.


Well that settles that hopefully. As I've always said to people, if they have a problem with me specifically then they should PM me, not spam comments about me across other member's pages, articles and groups as one geezer did.

That's the last time I post images against atheism in the atheist group. They don't like it. Perhaps they'll also learn from that and understand how Christians feel with all the anti-Christian material circling the web especially within their group.

I mean - as you said - there have been atheists who have come here and debated against us constructively and reasonably and that is something I (and I don't think anyone else) has a problem with. So long as respect is maintained then there shouldn't be any problems.

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MattmanDude Author

Glad to know you feel that way. :)

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This is all well and fine except for one issue. Every image on their page is a major breach of the Terms of Use. They remove them and there will be no problem. I'll not throw away God's rules and conform to the way the rest of the world works just for the sake of "reputation" as God would frown upon such a thing and I'd rather human beings be angry with me than God be angry with me. One last thing. I've not seen any trolling on the atheist page. They call it trolling just because they don't like what is being said and then they want to argue instead of merely stating "I disagree, and here is the reason and proof as to why".

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In other words, I'll not hesitate to do my God-fearing duty if called upon again. Until then, I'll leave them alone.

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Well, I doubt that I'll stop visiting the Atheist's group - it's interesting to see what's going on over there.

But for the sake of the group, it's reputation, and perhaps my own sanity, I'll stop posting there ^_^

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Baron Brosephus
Baron Brosephus

I love that one quote which says, “Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words if necessary”. You can spread God's love by merely showing kindness to those around you, you don't always have to use words to convince people.

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