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A new update for Blowy Fish has been released that adds in a new costume feature and a hidden minigame.

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A new update is now available for Blowy Fish that adds the following new features:

  • Costume sets! Collect & equip a specific set of items for additional funny effects on your fish.
  • A mysterious new leaderboard has appeared that might be a hint for a hidden minigame....
  • Added a few new unlockable items
  • Game will now continue in the correct last played game mode even if you quit while gambling for new items
  • Game now displays a notification when you unlocked all items. Fixed a bug where the fish would not stick to the seaweed bushes in some cases.
  • Fixed some minor cosmetic issues with some items
  • Added a delay after a seashell has spit you out for 3 times to prevent endless loops
  • Fixed bugs where achievements would not unlock correctly in Google Play

The update is live in all official places where you can play blowy fish. You can download the Android version for free on Google Play or Amazon.

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