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Two new MacenWolf mods today, similarly named, but in reality very different.

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Afternoon! For now we're back to your regular schedule of two mods per week. More obscure Mac goodies finally making their way to PC. And while today's mods happen to have very similar names (A Madman and A Madman's Redemption - seriously?), they are in fact two very different beasts. Let's see...

A Madman is a four level Mac mapset for the First Encounter, relatively standard as they go. There's very little know about it (also standard fare), so only the maps can speak for themselves. I've shown them to the masterminds behind Witching Hour and they think it's either art or smurf pasta, so it should be interesting to find out for yourself.

Authorship unknown.



A Madman

Now here's something unusual. A Madman's Redemption, a mod with nine maps and some changed graphics (you'll know 'em when you see 'em), is not your usual castle romp but rather an exploration of B.J.'s mind. Sort of. And you'll find said mind to be a rather odd, abstract and mildly unsettling place that ends with a bit of a twist. Interesting stuff.

Credits go to compyislife who doesn't go out much and would like you to contact him at compyislife (at) gmail (dot) com, but there's no guarantees the e-mail is still active. Try at your own risk.



A Madman's Redemption

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