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A long time ago, not that far away, a mod was being made...

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Hello, well it was some time ago i updated anything on this mod, and here are the status report.

So sometime ago last year my computers hdd crashed, and ofc all the files and stuff was in it... and hade an backup but it was old, so i have only a bit of the mod, and some bugged files... so i began do fixes and stuff until the point i tried it and nothing worked. Then some work and stuff came up and the mod just vanished away. So atm I dont relly know if i want to restart same projekt or close it down. But we will see, if it dies it dies. So hard to get motivated and redo evrything.

But a new mod mabye will be up have some id├ęs of a shorter eayer made mod that i will mabye finish;)
If u wondering what im doing game wise u can allways look me up at my blog prob there u will see if i start a mod first.
(Bad english, plz dont waste your time and commet it;))
over and out Bobowe!

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