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But now we are back! I have been working on new models for the mod so i could show you all that we still have a finger twitching :) There are 3 guns i'd like to show you.

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The first gun is the TZ-45, an italian submachine gun it was mainly used by troops fighting the Italian partisans in the north of italy in 1944-45. A suitable weapon to be used against british partisans :)

Now the Wimmersperg Spz-kr, it was an assault rifle designed in the last days of the war in europe, it was designed to more or less be a step up from the british's sten.

and now the italian's bolt action rifle, the Carcano M1891. Although the gun was mainly used by the italians in 1944 Germany captured many Caranos from Italy's capitulation in 1943 and became the most commonly issued gun in the volks sturm or peoples militia.

Hope you enjoyed this small update after a long period of silence. :)

foo_jam2002 - - 875 comments

Nice work, keep it up!

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h455566hh - - 46 comments

Intorduce the USSR instead of italians.

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DedMustDie - - 693 comments

There's already Eastern Front with USSR

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AleV - - 55 comments

right....italians never where on the most of war games....for russians there is red alert 1-2-3 eastern front...wordl of tanks and many other

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badgerhunter Author
badgerhunter - - 37 comments

USSR doesn't have any reason to do with the story of this mod, i need to post this up really... The only reason its based in 1946 is because american wins the war in the pacific and the USSR and China team up to fight back Germany, Germany responds by pulling troops out of britain and france to fight on the eastern front. Basically if the ussr was on the side of the Germans it wouldnt make sense as for conflicting ideology and that the germans would have attacked the ussr anyway.

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VenerableBanana - - 8 comments

You may know this already but if not then I hope it helps
(It's the German invasion plans for Britain)

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badgerhunter Author
badgerhunter - - 37 comments

yeah :p thanks anyway :)

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