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Another long day starting out, a great one at that, we managed to get in the top 10, you guys must really be liking the game! We are grateful, but we had to push the release date back.

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It Will Be Worth It.

We want a more developed game to be released, a in-depth story-line, and side story's, we wanted alot of fun things for the player to spend there time doing, I was thinking of adding more things in, like for instance mining, (not minecraft mining that lets you build whatever you want :( ... ) But just farming for objects, we already have a lot of farming scripts made, as well as some crafting, a drive-able cargo train, some multiplayer in the works.

Into The Future

Later on I want to have at least 20 guns in the game, ranging from Sniper rifles, assault, pistols, etc.
With a progression system, for say, you start out with nothing, find your first pistol and along time from then you find a cool RPG. I would like the player to feel like he was rewarded, I never liked starting out with all the guns. We also want to update the city that you see in the video as much as possible, as of right now the building textures are temporary, a lot of them will be enter-able, loot-able, and some of them have there own story-line inside them. We "Plan" for a huge map, and to squeeze as much detail into that huge space as possible, We have a huge array of idea's to improve the engine performance, We would also like feedback in a few month's when the game is more developed, but as of right now it is early in the night, and not much has arisen. Alpha testing will be sometime in January to those that were picked, depending on the pace of development.

We hope you all will continue to enjoy this game as much as we are, we will continue to develop this new part of the map, and try to get it done as fast as possible.

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