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I've been working on this game for around 2 years with many many hiccups and learning experiences along the way.I am finally coming to the point of releasing on Early Access and Its got me so excited!.

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Around Nov 2014 I was looking to start my first "big" game project outside of the small mobile games and apps I was learning with, at the time, Unity was my preferred engine ( in some ways it still is) but I knew right of the bat, that I didn't want to use unity 4. Since Unity 5 wouldn't release for another 3 or 4 months I looked into other options and came across Unreal engine which at the time wasn't free.

I took the plunge to learn a new engine because it was feature heavy, mature and offered great visuals out the box even more so if you knew your way around Art design. Fast forward til now and we have a product worth showing, and hopefully, worth supporting and building a community around. Lately I've been working on some Ways to present my game, I remember a game dev talk that stated you should be able to give a synopsis of your game to anyone in one sentence, semi short and straight to the point. I don't know if I have that yet (lol) but I'm hard at work tightening all aspects before EA release.

So guys just wanted to throw a little update out there...Follow my social media I will be releasing a trailer some time today as well as some other things like a slideshow of the games progress over the last year and a half, Links below.

Thanks you to those who were with me on the journey (mainly my twitch followers) hope to see you guys on release day! (still deciding, why is that so hard? lol).


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