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First let me start off b saying thank you all for the support of our mod! Second let me say sorry to all members on the team that have felt like being on the team is just a waste of time. I have been real busy with other stuff latley and promise to get things back up and running by the end of the week.

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I have been able to get a few building models from people. and have a video down below to showcase them. Also in the video, is a new building i didnt put up on the image board yet. Its a musem and its featured at the end of the vid.

Also the song used in the video is the Russian national anthem. Selected by our very own sfx/music director
Black_Drakon. Who i would also like to point out has been extremly helpful in our mod.
I am also pleased to say we got our modeler back, so now ALOT more work can get done.
But i've had skinners/texture artist come and go, and none of them have been reliable.
So unless we get a skinner, my modelers work is going unfinished.
We also Despertly need voice actors, so if you think you can be one, or know one, please send me a PM.
Thats about it for now.
And like before on Saturday, some serious work will be started!

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