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I decided to take a vacation of at least 1 month. 'm Already tired, and too tense, but this ...

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Hello to all Stalker.

I decided to take a break in the mod. I'm exhausted from work, and wrap your head with scripts, and errors.
I decided to stay at least one month off.

But this does not mean that the work is paused, I will take a break from now, ZkkaLuus ™, doing their part.

All the news that leak here, is the ZkkaLuus ™'ll be showing you guys.
We are currently in Alpha v 4.35

Updates to the Alpha v 1.23 to 4.35

Error off scripts. They were corrected and activated.
Environment full of mutants Zone.
Correction in Ai-Map.
Ai-graphic added on all maps.
Static objects, added to (Escape, Garbage) for now.
Guns do real damage.
All NPC's can buy and sell.
Absolute Nature, Structures and added , modified..
Great abundance in the density of the lawn.
Fov changed to 75 (default 64.53)
More NPC's maps.
NPC's camp in several places.
All factions are armed up to the teeth. (Choose option)
Added faction, messengers (Alpha v 0.24)
Face errors invalid, corrected.
More items added on maps, edible, weapons, ammunition, vests, grenades, etc.
3 detectors added, in difficult places of the maps. (Cordon, Yantar, Pripyat)

That's all folks.

( Heads up )
Due ZkkaLuus ™, do not add an account in ModDB, I will use my temporarily. Soon he will have his.
Respect him, I thank everyone.

CrazyElf ™
ZkkaLuus ™

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