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THE CORE is a strange addon campaign for Portal 2 that will challenge you "by proxy". That proxy is the constant presence of a companion testing element.

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Just like in nature, this campaign came to be due to 2 elements!

1. After Portal 2 got released I was always wondering why they removed the pneumaztic diversity vent.

2. I liked the idea from portal 1 where you puzzle your way trough a campaign with a "companion testing element". In the case of that level, the companion cube got a very small part in "being a companion" to you. What if we could explore this more and create puzzles around the idea that you always have to use a secondary object to get trough the levels ?

So THE CORE was born.

I'm not sure yet when I will release it. It's like 97% complete and you can play the vpk out of the box but a big showstopper for me is that I had to doctor a soundcache for all our custom sounds in left 4 dead 2 and then users STILL have to type snd_updateaudiocache in the console.

When you don't hear all the sounds, it takes away 50-60% of the immersion you could enjoy from this campaign.

I'm very impatient to release it but I hope a new DLC update for portal 2 will bring solace for the sound system as well as some other internal improvements of how the engine handles soundscripts and testroom sign scripts.

In the mean while, just enjoy the beta demo that I'll be posting here soon...

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