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When I started this mod I wasn't planning on it becoming a large thing just going to be a radio station mod now its a whole town and with this new town a whole slew of new npc's each with his own personality. This has made process a lot more difficult.

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I am new to this whole modding thing but so far I have gotten the hang of it, mainly because of the simplicity of G.E.C.K. but keeping things fresh and original being the only level designer which may become an issue as I keep going. Another problem has been learning the triggers and quest scripting but I am learning from the beginning whilst I am making maps and designing the mods levels. So i am asking if there are any people who are good with quest scripting who could
A) give me some pointers
B) do quest scripting for me

Also due to my wanting this to not have to be lacking in the story department I need voice actors I am looking for at least 4 or 5 and I have found a few people in my area (mainly from my schools drama department)

So I am looking for people interesting in trying to help me with the following field and a description of what you must show me to apply.

Level Designers - a sample map showing that you are good with G.E.C.K.
Quest Scripters - a sample script of a quest
Voice Actors - I have no full script yet so I can't really have any sample line for you to read and record but I suppose you could just give me some form of work I don't know read some shakespeare lines or something.

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