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Here's a little background as to why we do the mod the way we do....

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Why the mod and why this way? -

Of course I'm a gamer and a fan of historically accurate content in
games. BUT, there is a bigger reason why we spend so much time being
both historical and historically accurate. The men and women who served
in WWII were both brave and bold, on all sides. And none have ever
asked for a thing in return. This is my tribute and thanks to them - to
represent what they did and what they went through as accurately as
possible. Unfortunately, there are too few of them left to tell their
stories, and many are too proud to do so. To all our vets - THANKS! This mod is dedicated to you!!

Also, I want to note something. As some know and some don't, my wife
suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. It is not a life threatening disease,
but it is life altering and incurable at the moment.

I will personally donate $1 to the MS Foundation for every 100
downloads of the mod. I'm asking for nothing from the community or my
team - but know that by trying the mod (and hopefully enjoying the
experience and maybe even learning something about WWII ) you will also be giving to a greater cause.

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