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A little bit about me as a dev and as a person. I'm not too keen on talking much, but I am trying for the sake of the community because I am a very shy person typically. I'm sorry for such a short post, and when I find time I will be able to post a bit longer. I am excited to show you guys what I have in store, and I look forward to seeing what you think!

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My name is Jessica Green and I am the main developer of the games Into the Hallway and the game featured here, Demented Dreams. [Decided against uploading Into the Hallway because it's included in Demented Dreams already, would be redundant.]
I am 23 years old and I have schizoaffective disorder. I hallucinate and have nightmares that keep me up at night. I say this because I have been diagnosed with it, and I want to put the fear that I feel on an everyday basis into my games as best as I can. The reason I do this is in hopes to alleviate my own fears and problems, and that may seem selfish but trust me - it's better than living with it.

This is all I can really tell right now without really bumming myself out, so let me talk a little bit about the game. It will be finished when I feel it has achieved maximum creep factor/fun level for my own personal taste. If it's a game I'd want to play, then I'll put it out there for you guys to play and it will be finished. I will put playable demos out so that you can test the game and see how you like it, but if you find any bugs kindly let me know.

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