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Some explanations about my progress on the mod and what I've been up to lately. Just to assure everyone that I am still very inerested in Amnesia modding !

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Hello everyone !

First of all I want to apologize for not giving news earlier, this mod has reached 50 watchers and I haven't updated it in over two months.

I am currently in the first year of a Game Art school in Paris, it has been very intense so far and kind of forced me to put aside my personal artistic projects for a while. This school is very interesting and I've been learning a ton, but taking the classes, discovering a new city and handling the personal work from this school have been taking most of my energy

I have been designing a few maps not attached to any project when I had the time and motivation, basically trying to keep improving my mapping, but I haven't made progress on Call of the Abyss. I keep the story in a corner of my mind, thinking about how I can make it into a good mod, but for now I simply do not have the time or energy to make decent progress on this project.

TL;DR: I am busy with too many things right now but my interest in Amnesia modding is bigger than ever, I am learning plenty about developping games and I am confident that in the end, Call of the Abyss is going to be an experience that Amnesia fans will enjoy.

Thanks again for your patience, I am looking forward to having the time to develop this project : ).

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