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We're back in business, or an update on C2G development for all of you who are waiting for some.

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We're back in business.

We just had a meeting where we discussed the direction we want to take the project and we've landed solid on several things such as the storyline, campaign plans and new C2G exclusive content including new weapons etc. Now there is just a decent uphill battle ahead of us. All of us have our separate tasks which are going forward well, including mapping, weapon optimization and item programming.

We know you're waiting (im)patiently for actual updates, so I thought I'd write this up to inform you that we're working on everything behind the scenes as we speak. We'll drop you some development videos and screenshots in the near future.

If you're really dying for updates, you might spot some insider info and development discussion at The Postmortem forums, or at our IRC channel, but we're not promising any exclusives :)

I also want to reiterate that Cradle to Grave is NOT a 1:1 remake of Blood; it is a new chapter in Caleb's storyline that introduces new features while still retaining and keeping everything that makes Blood unique. There are already other projects porting Blood to EDuke32 and that is not what C2G is about.

Until next time, stay fresh!

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