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A FYI for all you subscribers / watchers and viewers of TK2.ZERO.

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Not really big news but just a notification to everybody that over the course of the next few days I should be posting up some videos of the latest beta build of TK2.ZERO for you guys (and girls) to check out. I have a few teething problems with Fraps to sort first, namely, Fraps not recording any sound nomatter what I do, which is why it may take a few days to get the videos up.

Theres probably going to be one or two features which don't make the new beta build, which at this time is probably going to be the brand new flashlight texture and the NPCs using the grenade launcher. I haven't quite figured out how I can make it work in xr_ai yet. Those missing features are simply so you're not waiting too long to get you're hands on something you can play with and report any bugs I may of missed. The next beta build will be almost the final release version of TK2.ZERO, but none the less some key features won't be there just because of time involved and how I've decided to do those features, such as adding the removed mutants. You will get to encounter a few as a couple spawn via script after a specific event, but 99% of those mutants I'm adding into all.spawn for stability and performance reasons.

Oh, and before anyone (well you probably already are) wonders about the "K.E.T." part in "Twilight K.E.T.", thats not a egotistical thing its just coincidence. The "K.E.T." part actually stands for Kill Em Twice.


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