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RPGolf is an indie RPG / Golf hybrid game.... yes, you read that correctly, it's the first open world golf game that is also a full on RPG with character progression and fighting monsters! The game is in alpha development phase right now and is being created by Riccardo Castelnuovo and the team at gaming startup ArticNet who are based in Osaka, Japan. The game will be produced for Android and iOS as well as a desktop version.

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Osaka, Japan —ArticNet, a small game production house, has launched an campaign to fund the world’s first RPG Golf game; RPGolf. The game combines the expected elements and game play found in a golf game but also has an RPG element which allows you to explore your surroundings and battle monsters in the first open world game in this genre.

Riccardo Castelnuobo, one of ArticNet’s founders, said that after much consideration by himself and the ArticNet team, listing on the IndieGoGo crowd funding site would enable them to complete this world first project.

After months of thinking ‘Is it the right thing to do?’ we made the decision to get going on IndieGoGo. We want to develop this game more than anything, and with IndieGoGo we can really make it happen!” said Castelnuobo.

When asked what makes his game offering different from thousands of other titles available in app stores and online, Castelnuobo went on to say; “RPGolf uses game play of a golf game combined with the mechanics of a role playing game where you can openly explore the course, battle monsters, seek out potions and level up. Leveling up not only increases your character strength, but also has a direct effect on your characters golfing ability.”

“We took particular care to make sure that the two genres are not just something slapped together to make some "innovative" game. The aspects of both game genres come together to give you a unique, fulfilling and incredible experience.”

Talking about the reasons why he was developing this game, Castelnuobo added; “We have always wanted to develop games and that became our job. We played games from the Atari 2600 onwards and that has always been our biggest, most beloved passion....and now we want to pass some of that passion to our players.”

According to ArticNet’s listing on IndieGoGo, the game will feature 9 hole golf courses, character experience growth though the RPG mechanics as well as a Handicap system to increase replayability.

RPGolf is currently in an early alpha phase development state and will be available for PC, Mac, Android and iOS on release.

Should they exceed their funding goal, ArticNet intends to add a multiplayer feature where you could challenge others to a game of RPGolf. Other ‘stretch funding’ features, where funding exceeds their goal, will include; 18 hole courses and three unique character classes with unique weapons, clothes and skills which will allow for a different gaming experience for each character class.

“$20000 USD is our fixed funding goal and we hope to raise this amount by March 2016. This will enable us to develop RPGolf for release” Castelnuobo went on to say, “With your help we can work full time on RPGolf without having to work on other projects to ‘survive’ ourselves.”

If the funding goal is reached, for a minimal contribution of just $5, you will receive a copy of RPGolf for iOS or Android.

For more information, please visit the IndieGoGo page

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