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Happy holidays! I thought I’d treat you all with an early beta of Project Evolution in order to celebrate the holidays. I’ve been working hard at getting the game to at least a “playable” state. I finished up the title menu just a few hours ago, that was the main hurdle I had to overcome before this release.

So what’s in this beta release?
- A working title menu complete with a “How-To” section.
- Four levels, which is the first World of the game.
- A nice 8-bit soundtrack by Ozzed (Creative Commons 3.0 by-sa).

What’s missing?
- The remaining Worlds/Levels.- Sound effects.
- Networking (may never get added).

Known Bugs:
- It is possible to trigger the victory screen multiple times.

What is the purpose of this beta?
- To find any bugs before I continue the game.
- To get suggestions for the victory screen (I hate it and am at a loss of ideas).
- To see if everyone can run the game just fine on their systems.

To talk about a few of the above topics. A big concern for me is that the game won’t run on slightly older systems. I know that it will run on the Nvidia 5200 FX GPU, but only on the lower settings and the game looks really bad. Apparently Unity supports technology which wasn’t available for the any Nvidia card prior to the 6x series. So I’m curious to see what kind of range of cards can play PE.

Also I’d like to point out that while the game contains World 1, this world isn’t designed to be challenging at all. It’s designed to teach the player how to play the game. So while level tweaks are welcomed, just know that these levels are intended to be easy. I would still love to hear ideas for future Worlds though.

I hope you all enjoy the beta for Project Evolution Mac/PC!


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