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Small article about new AI targeting priorities and how they apply to player-formed AI Companion Bot squads.

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Hey folks, it's been a real long time since I've updated this page, so I figured I'd give it a go. As some of you may be aware, 88 Flak supports the ability to hand-pick your own AI Bot wingmen squad for OpenSP or LAN usage. Well, now in addition to being able to hand-pick your wingmen, you can now select their standing orders - currently Superiority or Siege (prioritize Fighters or Capital Ships, respectively), however I plan to add more before release - such as Cover (attack only ships in your immediate vicinity), Raze (prioritize stationary gun emplacements), and Assault (prioritize bases and other solars)

Here's a picture of the selection menu in action:

This (and much more!) will be featured in the upcoming RC131 release, which will be ready for launch shortly! More articles about other new features will be posted soon as well. Enjoy!

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