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The upcoming update for the A General's Game will contain the following features New Units: (1)FCAS Fighter and Remote Carrier for France and Germany (2)Tempest sixth generation fighter for UK (3)Technical with dual 23mm gun for Lybia, Iraq and Cuba, (4)(Pending) T-14 Armata Tank, and T-15 Armata IFVs for Russia (5)(Pending) Type 10 Revised for Japan (6)(Pending) S-70 UCAV for Russia New Base Defense: Phalanx CIWS base defesne for Allied countries New AI Functions Improved Game Stability

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The upcoming A General's Game 0.52R update will include the following features:

New Units:

FCAS "Future Combat Air System" for Germany and France

The joint venture development is a cooperation between EADS and Dassault, aiming at creating a advanced sixth generation fighter to replace the current Eurofighter & Rafale in the time-frame of post-2030. The aircraft will be able to command a swarm of UCAVs "Remote Carriers" to penetrate and attack heavily defended "Area Denial" airspace, to perform SEAD or Interdiction missions.

In-game, you can create the aircraft in the Air-defense command of Germany and France, with the prerequisite of Allied Battle Lab. And once in the air, the FCAS figher will shoot down incoming enemy fighters, UAVs and missiles actively using its high energy LASER weapon. When commanded to attack buildings, it will employ a swarm of "Remote Carrier" UCAVs to bomb the building using precision guided munitions using laser designator similar to that of Boris.

Tempest sixth generation figher for UK

Tempest is the counterpart of FCAS developed by the UK government via BAE systems, sharing similar design philosophy and technical requirements of its Franco-German colleague. It will employ advanced turbine technologies developed by Rolls-Royce, with triple flow technologies. The engine will provide the fighter with high electrical power to enable the usage of directed-energy weapons.

In-game, it shares the similar primary weapon as the FCAS fighter, when produced in the Air-defense command, it can be launched to patrol a certain part of the sky, and it will be able to shoot down incoming enemy aircraft and missiles with laser onboard.

Technical (A modification from CNCD2K technical) for Lybia, Iraq, and Cuba

The technical is light vehicle (usually the INDESTRUCTABLE Toyota Hilux according the show "Top Gear"), mounted with a heavy machine gun or AA turret. In this version in game, it is a light pickup truck armed with dual barrel ZSU-23 mm AA gun. Highly effective against infantry and lightly armored vehicle, it can also carry 5 troops, from which they can shoot enemy outside, quickly crossing the battlefield.

T-15 Armata Main Battle Tank and T-14 Armata IFV for Russia

As the anti-tank weapon progresses, the next logical step is to develop heavily armed vehicles to counter it. Russia develops the Armata universal platform as its answer to the ever more dangerous battlefield, featuring heavy armor, hard-kill active protection system, soft-kill protection system, high mobility and fire power.

In-game, the T-14 Armata MBT will ensue the role "Apocalypse tank" played, and T-14 Armata IFV the role "Battle Fortress" played in the original "vanilla" Red Alert 2 game: i.e.: the consummation of land warfare combatants.

Type 10 Tank for Japan

The type 10 tank is a light, agile and advanced tank developed by Japan via Mitsubishi in 2010. In-game It will function similarly to a Grizzly tank in the original game. A coaxial machine gun will be added to improve its effectiveness against infantries in field.

S-70 UCAV for Russia

S-70 UCAV is the answer Russia gives for X-47 or Avenger C UCAV form the US. It is a large flying wing stealth drone with single low-by-pass turbofan engine as developed for the flankers series fighter aircraft. It will be able to perform air-dominance and ground attack missions along-side the revered Su-57 "PAK-FA" fighters as a "Wing-man".

In-game, it will be produced at the Soviet Air-defense command, where it can be commanded to guard an airspace intercepting enemy fighters and ground vehicles using its arsenal of anti-air and ground-attack missiles.

Phalanx CIWS (as originally made by Mig-Eater) for Allied Countries

Phalanx CIWS was originally employed on NATO warships as the last-line-of-defense against enemy missiles and aircraft. As learnt from the bitter lessons experienced by the Brits during the Falkland wars: missiles cannot always be trusted to shoot down every threat afar, since the 80s, vertually all major naval vessels of the free World has always employed CIWS systems, with the Phalanx system a popular choice. During the campaign of the Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq, the need for land based CIWS against incoming rockets and mortars became apparent, thus a version of C-RAM (counter-rocket-and-mortar) version of Phalanx is developed to guard US bases.

In-game, the Phalanx will be similar in roll to the Yuri's Gatling gun in the vanilla game, providing short-range defense against aircraft, infantry and lightly-armored vehicles.

Various bug fixes are complete thanks to the ARES command line strict mode and dumping functions, the overall stability of the mod has improved.

New Musics of various national anthems has been added to the in-game jukebox

May all of you be safe and sound during the COVID-19 ("Corona-chan") crisis, and have a great time with gaming and with your family. Much blessings.

Enjoy the game.

Your developed Yu-li, signing off.

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