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A Galaxy Divided Dev Diary #4 - Making Empires Your Own

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A Galaxy Divided Dev Diary #4 - Making Empires Your Own

Welcome to the fourth iteration of A Galaxy Divided's dev diaries. I hope you've been enjoying the new patch and am looking forward to more input from everyone. In this diary I'll be going over some of the content we're working on for the upcoming update. In particular I'll be going over some policies that will help you specialize your empire to how you want to play, as well as buildings and droid technologies to help it feel more within the Star Wars universe. I just saw Rogue One today, and have a boosted Star Wars vigor for improving the mod.

I've always felt that more could be done to help personalize your empire, even if it was more for roleplay purposes than mechanic. In that vein, I've taken inspiration from Victoria II to start coding some new policies for Empires. The values and names are not yet set in stone, but below are the general concepts. Feel free to express concerns, opinions or suggestions.


Fleet doctrine
Focus on massive fleet sizes, increases the fleet capacity but reduces effectiveness of individual ships.​

Mass Consciption
Focus on having a large navy rather than a proficient one, midway between default and swarm modifiers.​

The current default numbers.​

Invest more in a better trained but smaller navy.​

Highly Trained

Invest large amounts of funds in individual training and ship quality to ensure your navy is small but effective.

​I've not settled on exact numbers or modifiers yet, but I've also been considered dividing into two. One policy as Fleet Doctrine for the tactics of an empire and another separate policy that determins the training level of your navy crew.

Religious Policy

Atheism is the opposite of moralism. Rather than holding up one religion as the one true word, atheism actively attacks all religion as illegitimate.

Secularism is the stance that the government has no place in religion, and should abstain from any and all involvement in religious affairs of any kind.​

This policy holds that each citizen has the right to his own religious views, and that the religious majority (where there is one) has no right to infringe upon this free practice.​

Moralism promotes one religion above all others, and actively seeks to spread the state religion to religious minorities.​

Foreign Policy
Intergalactic Globalism

​Trade Policy
Free Trade
Mixed Economy

Market Policy
This policy determines your national system of economic management.

Media Rights
Determines the freedom of your media.

Technology and Buildings

Defensive Buildings
I've felt that the lack of variety and love to the planet defenses themselves were lacking. In the spirit of Star Wars, the intent is to add some ability for the player to better defend their planets and actually build strongholds that can withstand invasions. I'm still testing out code to see if it's possible to have a building damage nearby enemy fleets or armies.

  • Air Defense Towers
  • Turbolaser Towers
  • Citadel
  • Starfighter Hangar
  • Magnapulse Canon
  • Communications Array
  • Military Intelligence HQ

Although it is still in its early stages, here are some techs and concepts that we're going to work on to start implementing the Star Wars Universe's droids.

Early Utility Droids
Increases survey speed and other functionalities​

Farming Droids
Allows you to build farming droids for use in agriculture.​

Astromech Droids
Increases survey speed and other functionalities.​

Starfighter Astromechs
Improves your ship's target tracking and other functionalities.

​Protocol Droids
Improvements to diplomacy and trust generation.

​Medical Droids
Improves the lifespan of your citizens.

​Early Combat Droids
Allows you to build battle droids for use against your enemies.

​Basic Assassin Droids
Allows you to develop Assassin Droids for use.​

Hunter-Killer Programming
Statement: Tech chain that unlocks different levels of HK series droids to remove unwanted meatbags.​

That will be all for this diary, feel free to let us know what you think.


So far so good keep up the good work. Also were there any plans to add playable droids?

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LastLeviathan Author

Not yet, from the looks of it the devs are going to add it in themselves.

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