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To explain the semi-delay on progress. But, have no fear, this is also good news.

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Sorry for the lack of progress in the last 5 months. I forgot to say that I put this mod on hold. I have a very good reason why.

I just started to get lots done in my other mod: A Galaxy Divided. It was actually really nice ,cause I had lots of progress being made. But then I got someone to code a campaign, then I had to put my full attention to making it ready for the campaign and fixing bugs and making models and what not. Then again, I have to fix up mission objectives and plan the entire campaign. So it is a full attention project. I currently have to find more mappers and more modelers. As my mapper needs props and a whole bunch of stuff.

So, sorry for the lack of progress. If you would like to watch A Galaxy Divided for more updates and cool stuff, go here:

So, sorry for the lack of updates and progress. hope you understand.

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