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The last post, I requested user created content. As of right now, ignore everything I said. More inside!

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Hello Moddb'ers!
We expect to roll out a mega update by the end of this month (March, for those who need to know)! Although, it may come sometime in April. Also, our team has increased from a measly 8 to a larger, more acceptable 11! Here is the latest roster:

GhettoGarden1- President
NuclearDB- Vice President
Christian9872- Manager
AssassinAlex18- Spokesperson

Active Employment

AndrewIsGreen- 3D Enviorment Artist
dr_ice27- 3D Enviorment Artist / Level Designer
ATIXIUM- Level Designer
Duton1- Level Designer
salmonmarine- Level Designer
NuclearDB- Level Designer

Other Employmen
Gamma2244- Beta Tester
Sgt. Burger- Beta Tester

Before I forget, we still need texture artists and coders! If you are qualified, send a resume with your best previous work to!

All images, downloads, and news have been deleted due to the new approach.


Lookin good

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Can't wait till it comes out.

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good to see you got some people, remember that you should make a cap on how many people are working on this project at once, too many can be a bit to hard to manage.

Also Ghettogarden what exactly do you do? Besides being the president (which seems a bit odd, I don't even think anything technology related has a president)

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GhettoGarden1 Author

Well, simply, i run the mod, i make concepts, i assist, i take a look at projects that are unfinished, and i will occasionally design something. And i also make the News updates, the spokesperson does that when im away. If you want something more complex, i suppose i could give you that...

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GhettoGarden1 Author

And i also do application sorting for the jobs and stuff.

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