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My mod files got deleted. You know what that means :D PARTY!!!!!

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Yes, so as I guessed earlier I wasn't able to recover my .vmf files for the mod. Oh well, just meant I had to start over. I'm glad that I was forced to though, as already the mod is what I'd consider twice is good as the original version. (mostly cause I was pissed and worked my a** off :) ) Although not nearly as close to completion as the old one, this new one is utilizing a lot more advanced features of Source SDK's Hammer, such as:

  • Camera Systems
  • Fully Functional Elevators
  • Scripted sequences with triggers
  • Lots O' Buttons :D
  • And multiple door types

It seems everytime we mess up it keeps getting better and better. Hopefully for my sake and everyone else's this is the last time something like this will happen.

Uploaded some new screens from the new version. Hope you like them!




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