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A note about the screenshots, a little about the crossovers with other HL mods, an early credits list and a rough release date.

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Just a note to say that all the screenshots here are work-in-progress. Most custom models have yet to be done, and I’ll probably add more detail to the maps prior to release.

Also anything that looks familiar is entirely intentional. Players will visit some familiar parts of the HL universe, and longtime HL fans will recognize some familiar faces and places (all used with permission, bar Valve’s –I hope they won’t mind). I’m hesitant to credit all of them now so as to avoid spoiling them all.

I’ll be posting about voice work and modellers once most of the mapping (and thus the script written around the maps) is done.

Here’s a (very) preliminary credits list:

Powered by Spirit of Half-Life by Laurie Cheers and others
M.C. Escher’s ‘Relativity’ was an inspiration.
Combine Soldier models by tottmaster_c
Kleiner’s HL2 lab based loosely on one from “It’s Safer Here…” by tottmaster_c
Barniel from Azure Sheep, by the Azure Sheep team.
Barniel voice by Jenn "JennWolf" Kapler.
A few textures lovingly borrowed from Half-Life 2 and Portal, by Valve software.
Borealis Drydock based on a scene from Portal: The Flash Version Mappack by Hen Mazolski
Borealis arctic scene based on Episode Three concept art by Valve software.

…lots more credits to come!

I’m aiming for a release around March 2010

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