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Now the hard slog of making the game is over, i'd like to pause and acknowledge the help of a few people.

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Making a game can be a lonely thing to do, however it is rarely done in complete isolation. Matchy is by many measures a relatively simple game, In fact us two founders chose the game style precisely because we thought it might be a good quick way to make our first game together. In the end the 'quick' aspect was very wrong, indeed I believe there are no real 'quick' games by design, except for those lucky accidents such as flappy birds that are stumbled across from time to time. Everything else is always a product of hard work, sweat, and quite a few tears :)

Working directly on the game has been;

Iain Douglas - Iain is an experienced 3D modeller from a triple AAA background, he's responsible for all the cute little critters who bound around and cause so many smiles, as well as their adorable little worlds and associated objects. This is doubly amazing when you realise that Iain previous work has been ultra gritty and almost photo realistic, this is first time he's done 'cute' and in many ways we believe its played a major part in thawing his frozen goth soul :)

David Fairley - Is a classically trained composer, While were not sure of how many instruments he actually plays, it certainly eclipses my own skills in with the jewish harp! David has produced all the different worlds musical tracks and the vast majority of the games SFX. We really hope many of you play through all 7 current worlds as there are some absolute audio treats in store for those who do :)

Pete Hobson - Pete is responsible for all the games programming, overall game design, and anything else that falls outside of Iain and Daves roles.

Carl Hodler. Carl deserves some special thanks, for sitting and playing some very early builds. He also runs a fantastic company called who produce amazing work around UX and Game based learning. It was with great thanks that we received some initial help and guidance form Carl an laying out some of our UI screens. The UI of the game is certainly the weakest area as we just don't have great skills in that area and are learning as we go along, without Carl we would of been a thousand times worse, and likely simply completely unplayable!

Personal Thanks

David - ""To Shreya and Dhilan - may all your frenzies be final"
Iain - "To my love Fleur who has endured so much and stayed strong. To my girls who have asked endlessly if they can play Matchy Matchy and finally to Pete and Sandra and Maiwenn who we miss very much and without whom (Petes dedication specifically) this little treasure would never have been unearthed."
Pete - "To Sandra and Maiwenn for putting up with Iain in our house for so long :) - And Obi for being the best dog ever :)"

And finally we would like to dedicate the game to the memory of Kerb Games. Kerb was an incredible, creative company, which sadly ceased trading, although it now has a great memorial of a website. Many thanks to Clare, Owen, Zeb, Will, Daz, Becca, Phil, Stuart, Ciaran, Nhung, Sam, Dean, Jez, Stuart B, Nikos, John, and especial Jim, for creating such an inspiring space. Without Kerb, I would never of even been exposed to this genre of game and been forced to think through what it means to make a casual game fun or playable. Although we where trying to create products of a very different nature at the time, I would like to think spiritually at least that chapter has now found a conclusion.

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