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Telling you all about our project, and what is in store

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Hello fellow indie developer's and Video game enthusiasts.

At the moment of me writing this we are 1189 of 8706 popular here at IndieDB which is crazy by our standards. With this first news post I would like to talk a bit of what is going on right now, what is to come.

I myself have a few nicknames, such as you noticed - Shagis, some old one would be Domanxs, but those were the pre-dev days, today I like to call myself Strange Fire (hence the Fire part in fire beard).
But for all I care, you all may call me Arvydas as it is my birth name and the name I lead my life with. What role do I fill here at FireBeard which is developing a Sci-Fi SP Horror game Ganymede Hollow? I am the Lead programmer for this project, but as much as this is important for any game, I am not the brains behind the game itself, it's story (which you will love, and will keep you on edge every second of it), Let's call me a code monkey, every single feature that I made functional was born in the mind of a genius game designer named Ian (I will make him introduce himself here in the near future as he is very busy with level design of our first builds), and without him this project would not even exist and I myself would still be sitting around making assets left and right without much of a direction to develop myself as a game developer which was one of my dreams growing up.

Getting back on track about the game itself. Me and Ian both have a high standard for games, which we want to show the world with our game, there will be no half-assed features, unfinished parts, everything will be spit polished till it shines brighter than ever. We do not want to disclose much of what you are in for, but just know, that this is not just words, we actually already have lots of features functional, the layouts are done, we now just have a big beautiful puzzle to put together and make sure that there will not be any hiccups in the long run. And to prove that, instead of showing some screenshots etc, we are working on something that the Video game industry forgot long ago - Playable DEMO.

Keep in mind, this is not the start of something great, this is just us letting you all in on our pride and joy, a project that already has a few months under it's belt, and it is time for us to show it the world, and show it to you, keep in touch, and we will keep you all updated, as Indie developers we love the ride that is in front of us.

Thank you for giving the your time to read this, and even giving your attention to a new project that you have never heard before.

Hop on the train, and see where it takes us all.

Ganymede Hollow
Ganymede Hollow

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