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Hello everyone. I saw the stats today and i was like WOW my first game and Rank259 of 1,712 and this much ppl =D in a day!Thx for being interested in this project :D Has for the problem....

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Has i warned on the description..The game might have alot of lag if u dont have any g.card like Nvidia or ATI Radeon..

Since im having that experience...(Asus X1600)... I wont upload much stuff of it because of the lag problems im having until i update my PC to something more powerfull..

But I'll keep posting stuff from the game :D..but with less stuff due to that lag :(...

Well this is gonna be some hard moments because i dont know when im gonna update it..

But.. if i dont update till i finish my game..i might make a DC of it when i get update for it.

Thats all.


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