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Facts about Super Star Wars before any of you knew about it, along with the story of the Droid Empire.

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A Few facts about Super Star Wars and the story of the Droid Empire.

  • It was originally called Star Wars: Droid Uprising and the Droid Empire was the Droid Rebellion. The Idea of a all Droid faction using the IG88s came from Mobius13, so he should be thanked for the mod exisiting. Also some of the mod's idea came from his mod when I thought Era of the Mercenaries was dead.

  • Super Star Wars was going to have a few ships and heroes from each era, ones from KOTOR, Clone Wars, New Republic, and Legacy era. That idea ended just before the mod page was started. And just a month or two after, the KOTOR units were removed. The Hammerhead and Foray have been added back in.

  • When the mod page was started it was the Galactic Empire, Droid Empire and the New Republic. The idea was a few months after Yavin, but before Endor and the Emperor's death, the Rebels became the New Republic. I never created a story for why this would happen, except for the emergence of the Droid Empire and the Rebels need for a stronger government. I gave up the idea and left it as the Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, and Droid Empire.

  • The story of the Droid Empire's creation.

Before that, read this entry from IG-88A's bio from Wookieepedia--
"Several years passed as IG-88A continued his plan of galactic domination when, around 1 ABY, the IGs were given a rude surprise, a wake-up from the safe life they had lived undetected on Mechis III. Gurdun, along with Darth Vader, had come to the planet to oversee the completion of new Viper probe droids. Gurdun was in charge of the project, and Vader hoped to speed the process along after receiving a discouraging message from Hekis, actually a faked clip created by the IGs. The visit was unexpected, and the droids' secret was almost given away. However, they had the protocol droid 3D-4X create an excuse that Hekis was on the far side of the planet due to an agricultural droid harvester malfunction, and could not meet with Vader, which perpetuated the IG-88s' masquerade that organics still ran Mechis III. The droids then showed Vader a spliced clip of Hekis, reassuring the Dark Lord that matters were under control, and the probe droid order would be finished very soon. Though he sensed something was not right, Vader did not pursue the matter further, leaving in his shuttle with Gurdun. Although the IG-88A and his companions were shaken by this close call, they had kept their secret safe. IG-88A also noted that Vader was a fascinating being, the perfect mix of droid and organic. The assassin droids even admired him, a far cry from the resentment they felt for most living beings. "--taken from IG-88A's page on Wookieepedia.

In my story, When Vader sensed something was not right, he sent a group of Stormtroopers to investigate. When they did, they did not find Mechis III Administrator Hekis and the IG-88's plan was exposed. They attempted to escaped Mechis III, but Vader tried to stopped them. When he tried a group of droids occupied Vader while the IG's escaped using to two Munificent Frigates left on the planet during the Clone Wars, each carrying a large number of droids re-programmed by IG-88A. When the two ships launched into space, Vader order the Executor to open fire on the ships. Both ships were caught off guard from the attack from Executor, with the Munificent carrying all four IG-88s taking the most fire. Before it could be destroyed, the second Munificent moved along side the first shielding it from the Executro's barrage of fire. Although it was destroyed, it allowed the one carrying the IGs enough time to escape into hyperspace. After this, Vader returned to the Executor, where he contacted the Emperor and notified him of what was found on Mechis III and the IG-88s. Vader was also able to discover the plans of the droids after looking through the computers and droids on Mechis III. Now the Empire had two threats to deal with.

Meanwhile, the IG-88s had discovered a planet located near the very edges of the galaxy, a planet inhabited entirely by droids. After landing on the planet, IG-88A meet with the leader of the droids, HK-500, a droid who claimed to be one of severals droids who have ruled the planet sinced their first leader left the planet a few thousand years ago, HK-47. HK-47 discovered the planet and made it a homeworld for droids. After transforming the planet into a city-planet like Coruscant, HK-47 left the planet, but not before leaving another droid, HK-100, in charge of the planet. At first, the droids of the planet had a similar plan to IG-88, but after many years they gave on this plan, instead prefering to live hidden from the rest of the galaxy.

The IG-88s saw this planet as the perfect place to create thier droid armys, as it had far more droid factorys than Mechis III. After removing HK-500, the IGs took complete control over the planet, transforming it into their new base of operations for their uprising. IG-88A named the Mechis Prime, after Mechis III. While the galaxy had seen an army of droids two decades earlier, this one was lead by cold and emotionless assassin droids, whose goal is the extermination or enslavement of all sentient life.


Wow, great read. A few notable cross overs with cannon ( But hey I'm no fan that lives by lore) I really enjoyed reading this =D

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Hey man was really good. A fun read as Jesterz said. Keep it up.

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