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Heres some more media, from the work that has been done this week.

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--Weekly Update--

Hey guys, It's Duke. Just wanted to end last weeks development banter with a bang. So do I have news for you! First of all, I'd like to welcome badATchaos to the team. He has joined Hellheim and is anxious to begin work on Torment.

In terms of the development side of things we're currently testing out and trying out a new terrain generating code. Of course this is to make it more efficient than the "h" height mapping used in the original Sauerbraten. More news on that will follow for next week.

Anyone up for a face full of plasma? Anyone up for a face full of plasma? Anyone up for a face full of plasma?

And now, It's time for another announcement you may or may not be excited to hear about. Here at the Hellheim Studios Weapons Lab, we've been hard at work creating new and fun weapons for the player play with, or to frag opponents with. The lab would like to introduce you to the Unnamed Weapon Prototype 2.

Anyone up for a face full of plasma? A face full of plasma and more

I'm sure with these screenshots, you can guess what weapon this may be! Anyways, this concludes the updates for this week. And the Invite Alpha will begin soon, so if you were invited be sure to watch your ModDB or IndieDB Inbox.

You probably guessed what that weapon is right?

David "Duke-Nightmare" Cluett


Duke? Duke Nukem?

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Strange, earlier screenshots looked a lot better...

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AcidBarrel Author

To answer that Paxton. The screenshots you see here, are just pictures of new textures and a test of out door enviroments, with the new height mapping engine. I'm no god at level design so, bare with us until a good out doors map is made. Other than that... You guys should love the introduction of the new weapons!

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