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This is about an issue that a lot of people are having and a few ways to fix the issue (hopefully)

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It has come to my attention that a lot of people have trouble getting the game to work, either getting "Error: Fital content from (HL1 Source) not found" or missing textures/models when bypassing the menu.

Now from what i know this is because the engine could not mount the needed content. Some possible causes are:

  1. the game(s) is/are not properly installed.
  2. the game(s) in question have missing content
  3. the game(s) are not installed in the propper location

But not to worry! There are a few ways to fix this.

  • putting the command "+map fac_d1a1" in the start properties. (but this can cause a lot of missing content issues)

  • select the game(s) in question -> properties -> local files -> select "move install folder" -> and select the location that source sdk base 2013 singleplayer is. (you can check this by selecting source sdk base 2013 singleplayer -> properties -> local files -> browse local files, and then going back 3 folders)

  • copy the required vpk files and put them in the folder called "vpk" a list for vpk's to copy is:
  1. Portal/portal -> all vpk's that start with "portal_pak"
  2. Half-life 2/episodic -> all vpk's that start with "ep1_pak"
  3. Half-life 2/ep2 -> all vpk's that start with "ep2_pak"
  4. Half-Life 2/hl1 -> all vpk's that start with "hl1_pak"

  • follow these steps:
  1. uninstall half-life: source, half-life 2, half-life 2 episode 1, half-life 2 episode 2,portal, source sdk base 2013 singleplayer
  2. in steam select "steam -> settings -> downloads -> steam library folders -> add library folder" select the folder you want your new library, and click "Add library folder"
  3. install the games again you uninstalled earlier, but before clicking next instantly, first click on "Choose location for install", and select the path of the library you just made

Please let me know if this helped. I will update this article if i find more information about the situation.

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