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We made a really cool new shiny trailer featuring the redesigned interface and the new blocks and level design... Just to convince you to vote on us!

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Once upon a time, existed a boy, that boy was really smart and got invited to teach other boys how to make games in some important universities, and thus he got more busy than expected.

That smart boy could not work on his masterpiece game for a while, but now he returned, using all that he learned during his quest around his country (including his first time in a airplane), he returns to deliver more awesomeness, and start with a little trailer showing some past work, that will be delivered in a upcoming beta.

The smart boy brings you, THE TRAILER.

Whoo, it is cool isn't it? Yes it is! It shows upcoming features of the beta version:

New menu.
New interface (much nicer now, and less humongous!).
New blocks! Including those diagonal ones.
New level design (actually all levels got edited, with some being minor edits, but most of them got completely redone).
Special effects (particles, LOTS of particles!)
More feedback on some powers (like motion blur on the time manipulation power, and particles on gravity power).
Redesigned colours (to avoid confusion, with the easiest thing to note is that the items you need to pickup are now yellow and have new graphics, to be more obvious they are pickups, and not harmful debris).
Some other minor stuff.

So, you want to play that new beta? Help smart boy in two possible ways: Making him extremely happy to the point of making the closed beta a open beta, by voting on him:

Indie of the Year Awards

Or following his twitter and blog, so you can get into on the closed beta and upcoming promos and contests: @agfgames and

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