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Exactly what it says on the tin, herpy derpy derp.

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Well, there is only bad news here folks.

In a nutshell, my Main PC's OS suffered a fatal error last night. I'm doing my best to arrange a Technician to come and repair it, but I shall not hold my breath. after all have very lackluster customer service. The sole reason I am able to type this is that I am using the backup PC I had stored away for such an occasion.

What does that mean for the Mod? Well, it means the Data is most likely to be wiped, and I haven't found any backup data.

This also pretty much means that RO is essentially dead in the water right now. All production for the time being has ceased. I wouldn't find it too surprising if it's archived sometime in the near future.

All we can do here is merely apologize for getting people's hopes up.

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