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Given that the game is still a ways off, and I am going to use this time to improve it, I figured I would see in what ways you the reader would like me to take it.

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I don't have a ton of visits to this site, and I don't expect a ton of responses from this, so because this is only a segment of my potential customer base, I want you to know up front that this poll doesn't guarantee anything. I just want to get a sense from you the reader, what about my game you think is potentially cool, and what you think would make that better.

So if you haven't read anything about my game, perhaps I should give you a brief summary here to save you the trouble.
Greedy Station is a resource management simulation set in a humorous and whimsical universe that places you in command of a mining station for the Intergalactic Mining Corporation (IMC).
Mine resources from planets and debris to earn Credits and Buy upgrades
Search the reaches of the galaxy for new planets and debris fields
and Expand
Build structures in space, and Upgrade your station to help you explore and exploit your discoveries

Now for the Polls

Thanks in advance for your feedback and support!

oh, and I guess I should add a new picture for you to look at...
Dialog Choices

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Ok I voted. I want that what I voted for wins :D

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Voted, looking great so far :D Just a heads up you need to disable adblock plus to vote in firefox.

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I tracked this simply cause its idea offers uncomplicate gameplay without any stress of modern games. Like you said earlier, these 3 edges, exploit explore and expand, I like this concept and I just think you should head on these 3.

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Hey SolidFake,
I am very committed to keeping the gameplay simple... unfortunately, finding the balance that produces the most fun has been somewhat of a challenge.

Right now, exploit is the vast majority of the gameplay, and the least fun element. Clicking on a target and selecting what you want to mine isn't fun all by itself, there needs to be challenge and reward for the fun to emerge.

Explore and Expand are the areas I feel I need to work on, as they are the potential reward and challenge for the Exploit element. These are the areas my poll is seeking to expand, helping to balance out the game and make it the most fun it can be.

Thanks for your feedback everyone.

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