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Hello once again! This time it has only been about a month since the last news article instead of several months. Also, I'm very happy to report that the mod has now reached 150 thousand hits!

This is update is similar to the last one in the sense that it covers a variety of topics in one sweeping article. There are four major things that will be discussed: the Confederation's new weapons; the Imperious-class Star Destroyer; the Emancipator-class Heavy Carrier; and then the overall status of the mod. In addition to these things, there are a few minor things also taken notice of.

Okay, well the first thing that will be gone over is information about the CR's new weapons. For the CR, I had a great amount of liberty in developing their armed forces, which made it really fun.
I really enjoyed creating new projectiles that looked awesome for this faction. I actually went and created a whole separate projectiles file for them, so that the other three projectile files
(the vanilla FOC one, the one for "Pre-Legacy Era" projectiles, and the one for "Legacy Era" projectiles) would not get too cluttered. So, taken from the Confederation's projectile list, the current projectiles are as follows:

Plasma Cannons of varying strength from fighter level to heavy capital ship strength. They come in blue, red-orange, yellow, and purple colors. They are slightly more powerful than their respective turbolaser counterparts.

Plasma Torpedoes, from fighter bomber strength to a capital ship strength, being somewhat stronger than a proton torpedo is. These are light blue.

Plasma Mortars, with a blue colored bomber level form, and the more common medium and heavy variants found on capital ships. These large packets of flying energy are blue-purple or yellow-green in color. They are even more destructive than the other plasma weapons.

Mass Drivers, which can be found in light versions on fighters or bombers and more powerful medium or heavy versions on capital ships. They deal damage to shields, but then partially bypass them to cause some damage to the hull as well.

Disruptor Cannons come in two colors: purple and red-orange. They are rarely found on fighters/bombers, but more commonly on capital ships in medium and heavy strength. These have a higher destructive potential than plasma cannons.

Disruptor Torpedoes-These packets of energetic particles are purple in color and even more potent than plasma torpedoes. They can be found on advanced fighters and bombers, but more often on larger vessels.

Disintegration Weapons, which are a new and extremely lethal form of explosive. Upon detonation a sphere of energy is created like a thermal detonator, but then collapses and draws in surrounding material. It immediately explodes again after collapsing to deal even more damage. Rarely found on bombers, these weapons are mostly used on capital ships.

Proton Cannons, available in either a beam form (like seen on LAATs and the Death Stars) or burst form (like a standard turbolaser shot). These energy weapons are incredibly deadly, comparable to the destruction of a disintegration weapon. The beams are capable inflicting massive damage in a matter of seconds, and can split a corvette in two very quickly. Likewise, the burst form is just as powerful, but damage is not done as rapidly.

Gravity Bombs, hyper-lethal explosives that are more powerful than disintegration bombs. These create a super-intense gravity field upon explosion, into which the surrounding materials are drawn into and broken down on the atomic level. Think of these as being like the Dovin Basals once used by the Yuuzhan Vong, creating miniature blackholes. This is the rarest and most powerful Confederate weapon.

With that out of the way, it's time for some other things.

I realized that details concerning the Imperious-class Star Destroyer have never been fully disclosed, and I apologize. To rectify this, I am now going to reveal the unknown information. This includes its stats such as hardpoints, starfighter complement, etc., similar to how I've done it in the past with other ships.

Imperious-class Star Destroyer

Length: 3,200 meters

5 Proton Torpedo Launchers
4 Advanced Heavy Quadruple Turbolaser Turrets
5 Medium Turbolaser Turrets
12 Medium Ion Cannons
12 Medium Turbolasers
8 Heavy Turbolasers

12 Predator-class Starfighter Squadrons
10 Neutralizer-class Bomber Squadrons
6 Fury-class Sith Fighter Squadrons
5 Reaper-class Assault Fighter Squadrons
4 Blitz-class Asssault Bomber Squadrons

Tech Level Required: 4 or higher

Details: The Imperious-class Star Destroyer is an impressive battleship, measuring 3.2 km long. Compared to the Pellaeon-class, the Imperious-class is larger and more powerful, as well as having better shielding, armor, and weapons. The Imperious-class started life as the answer to Darth Krayt's demand for a new class of warship that could overpower any other warship type used by the enemies of the Empire, and at the time it appeared to be the answer. Despite the fact that the prototype was captured by the GA Remnant in the Battle of Mon Calamari, orders for production of more vessels quickly followed.
Boasting an impressive armament and superier shielding, the Imperious is at least equal in potency to three GA Remnant Sycthe-class Battlecruisers; this all depends on how competent you are at commanding it. Its large fighter/bomber complement adds to the severe threat posed by this vessel.

Another important class of vessel that has not been addressed is the Emancipator-class Heavy Carrier utilized by the Galactic Alliance Remnant. This is something that has been asked about and I have skirted around directly answering questions relating to it, for which I also apologize.
Now without further ado, I present to you the Emancipator.

Emancipator-class Heavy Carrier

Length: 2,600 meters

4 Heavy Proton Torpedo Launchers
2 Extra Heavy Turbolaser Batteries
8 Enhanced Heavy Turbolaser Batteries
4 Heavy Ion Cannon Batteries

12 CF9 Crossfire Squadrons
12 BB-2 Starfire Fighter-bomber Squadrons
8 X-83 TwinTail Starfighter Squadrons
8 I4 Ionizer Starfighter Squadrons
6 RC-2 Twilight Scoutship Squadrons

Tech Level Required: 4 or higher

Details: The Emancipator-class Heavy Carrier is the successor of the Mon Calamari Heavy Carrier that was used against the original Confederation during the Second Galactic Civil War. It is the Alliance's own counter-response to the Krayt Empire's Imperious-class Star Destroyer. This warship is a serious threat to the Krayt Empire's naval forces, being more than capable of holding its own against multiple Imperial ships in combat. While at 2.6 km long it is shorter than the Imperious-class, its shields are actually somewhat stronger thanks to advanced Mon Calamari engineering, though its weapons systems are definitely not as powerful. Its three massive hangars hold hundreds of fighters and bombers, which help to make up for whatever shortcoming it has in weaponry.

The fourth portion of this deals with the status of the mod. Rest assured that it is not dying, but growing daily. The lack of recent visual updates comes as a result of the current work which is going on-mainly coding to be specific. There usually isn't much to take pictures of with this but when I get the chance for a good shot I take it. There are multiple different portions of work that need to be completed in order for the entire mod to be finished. Some, such as skirmish are at least two-thirds of the way finished, while others are almost completely finished, such as the projectiles. Another thing such as Galactic Conquest has barely any work completed, but fortunately that will not take too much time because I will be receiving help in coding that.

So take this as a generalization-the mod is about three-fifths of the way done.

Now there are just a few miscellaneous things that remain to be addressed.

-A-Wings have finally received their concussion missiles

-Planning has started on implenting possible additional structures for GC such as supplemental space defenses. These range from fighter bay stations to mining facilites, commercial centers and industrial depots. Nothing is definite yet, as this is purely in the imaginative stage.
-Maps for the Survival "gametype" have been started on
(Below is a prototype map)

That wraps up this article. The next articles will go into detail about the heroes of the factions.


The Imperious prototype was destroyed? Does that mean that we won't have the Alliance?

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cheesecake645 Author

Oh wait, thanks for catching that, I meant to put that it was stolen... changing that now.

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Cool. Awesome pictures by the way. I think the Emancipator-class is my favorite. And the details for the weapons and stories behind the ships are really good; so few games these days include them.

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awesome graphics !

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thanks for the update Cheesecake!

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