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An overview with how I view my previous release so far!

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Hello folks, so it's been a while since I've posted something here on Salvage Storm. Since then. as much as I want to add content to this mod after it's release, it's made it very very difficult to me to plan and execute the build. The good news. despite my other project Salvagenaut being built and taking my time, I have found way to improve Salvage Storm and to try and to show off and I definite know that I can make something from Salvage Storm. The issue I have, because of the release on here on Moddb, which I will get my head around, it's become another challenge. I suppose that's what I get for making something many on the Steam Greenlight community never liked but that's what they are saying and I am taking it on board.

The build is taking long for a reason. The reason it's taking long because as much as I want to improve the quality of the project to set a standard by getting those ideas, means the more time I'll need to work build and to execute. Compared to all the other stuff around, it's easy for me, on moddb here (just in case they are reading), for me to build. The staff here are nice and I'm sure they have reasons to take news and to post on frontpage but I can't keep telling myself to produce minimum work and get a news feed out to get front page for 'feedback', which I have been doing, from concept arts to just little changes in a level to make it different. I really want to go the full way and to represent the Unreal modding community.

It is daunting to know that it takes longer then expect but knowing that I could release it to give people what they can actually watch and enjoy. That's what I want from my projects.

Doesn't mean I'll ditch, like just give up, it's been a part of throughout the entire process but I suppose that's a benefit going from website to website for feedback. It just means I get to play with that kind of feedback and make something amazing and give myself the option to publish stuff anywhere I want. I'm aware just posting this here is somewhat blatant but not many people would read and those that would, gets the secret first before I wiz away building, just in case someone follows what I'm trying to make. I know I could do this but to really get an idea on releasing the mod and to position it. It's a challenge.

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